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A Winter Engagement in Big Sky, Montana

"Cameron, look out!"

Cameron looked up just in time to catch the drumstick that was hurtling towards him and his brand new fiancée.

Maybe it was a gift from the drummer who had just witnessed Megan say "YES!", or maybe it was just a coincidence. Either way, Megan and Cameron were ecstatic about receiving this one-of-a-kind festival souvenir and forever token of their proposal.

This moment was 3 years in the making. From the early days when Cameron started adding in a morning coffee run just so he could see Megan, to the snowboarding runs they now take together, they knew something about each other was special.

These two are both hard workers and two of the most kind hearted people you will ever meet. They share a sense of adventure and a love for music.

It was this love for music that Cameron centered his proposal around. He patiently waited through an extra 7 months due to a festival covid delay, keeping the ring hidden away, so that he could ask Megan to marry him while they danced along with the band they had seen together years ago on one of their first dates.

Talk about a scene straight out of a movie!

Megan & Cameron - You guys rocked your engagement session! Thank you for letting us capture these photos that represent your story and your love for each other. You guys are both so genuinely kind and servant hearted and we love seeing you together. Your wedding day is going to be so beautiful and we are so excited to capture it.

-Kristen & Brandon

P.S. - To Megan, from Kristen - Megan, I have known you your whole life and I love seeing how happy you are with Cameron! I can't wait to spend your wedding day with you taking a ridiculous amount of photos!

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