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Bozeman Engagement Session with Stunning Bridger Mountain Views

Yes, mistakes were made.

As we rounded the corner of the path, we instantly started swatting.

And then walking faster.

And the walking faster AND swatting.

It was the most beautiful Montana summer day at this local nature park. Lots of people are there to enjoy it.

And so were the mosquitos...

Fortunately, Brandon saved the day by making a quick trip to a nearby gas station for some mosquito repellant before we even started the session. And a valuable lesson was learned: always keep the bug spray in my camera bag.

We explored the beaten path at The Cherry River Fishing Access and then explored off the beaten path to find some hidden dreamy light.

These two were up for anything and made this session so fun! They know what hard work and dedication look like. Between ROTC, college, commissioning into the Army, and other various adventures, they have built a life together over the last couple of years. We feel honored to have the privilege of documenting these important moments!

Baylee & Grady - Thank you for trusting us with not only these memories, but also with your upcoming wedding day! You guys absolutely crushed this session and we had so much fun working with you. We are so grateful that we were able to meet and make these photos happen, despite how crazy busy you guys are right now. We can't wait to celebrate with you at your wedding!

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