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Dahlia A Florist Social Media Branding Session

Branding sessions have quickly become a favorite of mine.

I'm not sure if it's the diversity of the shoot, or the fact that I feel like I am getting to go behind-the-scenes and see parts of the process that no one else does. Maybe it's both.

This session was extra fun because it just happened to be with fellow creatives.

Our subject matter?


Blooms on blooms on blooms.

The beautiful arrangements are never ending at Dahlia A Florist!

They were in need of some updated photos to post across their social media, so we worked together to create images of the products they offer. Lots of fun things are happening at their shop and we were able to capture plenty of shots for them to share throughout the coming months. This is only a glimpse into what they offer!

If you are anywhere near the Greenville, SC area, give Dahlia a call for any and all of your floral requests.

A note to our clients at Dahlia - Thank you for inviting me to go behind the scenees with your team and letting me capture photos of your creative process and finished product. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the talent and artistry come to life through each of your designers. I hope that you can share these photos all over the internet to share your beautiful work with the world.

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