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Downtown Greenville Engagement Photo Session on the Reedy

"Let's find a waterfall!"

When we first met with Kezia and Adam for our initial client consultation for their Castle Ladyhawke wedding, we discussed plans for their engagement session and that was their only request.

Brandon and I kept calm on the outside, but inside we were leaping for joy and already dreaming of epic waterfall photo ideas.

We immediately began the hunt for the perfect waterfall locations in the SC Upstate.

While we came across several awesome contenders, you just can't beat the convenience and versatility of Falls Park on the Reedy in downtown Greenville.

Then, after weeks of excitement leading up to their scheduled engagement session...RAIN.

& not just a little.

It. Poured.

and then poured some more.

It poured so much that we made the difficult decision to move our photos to the next day.

Now, normally a little rain is no problem and even adds some beautiful elements to your photos. However, a torrential downpour with thunderstorms and a severe weather warning is a different story.

When the time to meet up came along on the next day, we were thrilled to see the sun shining brightly. Both Kezia and Adam looked like a million bucks and we were able to enjoy every moment with these two.

By the end, Brandon and I were conviced that they are actually professional models who stepped off the cover of a magazine.

A note to our clients: Kezia and Adam, thank you for the opportunity to celebrate this season of your life with you! Thank you for allowing us to capture these moments with you. You guys are amazing and truly a joy to work with! We are so excited for your wedding day and cannot wait to capture every moment and and beautiful detail designed by Voile and Veil with you.

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