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Epic Montana Senior Session

We climbed a mountain for this.

Well, a hill, really.

But it might as well have been Everest in our sandals with no traction.

And no, that wasn't the plan from the beginning of course.

The plan was to start in a roadside field, but the light changed, so we chased the sunlight up the hill to this gorgeous spot.

Worth. every. step.

Up next...the water!

Don't be fooled, this water was NOT warm.

Yet, she braved the cold and we captured some truly epic shots with this magical Montana scenery.

A note for our senior: Mia, you are stunning! I had a blast wandering around the wilderness (okay, close enough) and taking photos with you. Thank you for trusting me through the woods, up the hills, and in the cold water! I'm so glad I could capture these photos for you to always remember your Senior Year!

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