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Extraordinary Beauty in Ordinary Places - Ava

Parking lots. Alleyways. Sidewalks.

It doesn't get more ordinary than this.

You wouldn't think twice about seeing any or all of these on a daily basis.

But we're guessing that you would never consider taking photos here. Which makes it the perfect place for our Extraordinary Beauty in Ordinary Places project!

To our model: Ava, thank you for bringing your natural beauty and sense of adventure to our project. Thank you for trusting us, even when we posed you beside an orange traffic cone or discarded shoe. You are so fun to work with and we are excited to work together again soon!

Location #1: The Clean Wall

Except it wasn't...but with a little bit of maneuvering and creative posing, we found the best light and cleanest background.

Location #2: The Umbrella

It rained off and on ALL DAY. We were happy that it cleared up for us, but had our hearts set on some cool umbrella we did some anyway!

Location #3: The Shoe

We just never know what we might come across on our photoshoots. This time it was a shoe. The whole shoe. And nothing but the shoe. Well ok, there was plenty of other stuff...I just got carried away with my shoe quote.

Location #4: The Alleyway

You are pretty much guaranteed to find ordinary things like electrical boxes, garbage cans/dumpsters, power lines, and a whole host of other non-beautiful items. Which means that it is the PERFECT place for photos!

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