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Extraordinary Beauty in Ordinary Places - Ava: Rose Park

Okay. Remember Ava? She had so much fun at her first shoot, she came back for another shoot with us!

This time, we visited Rose Park.

I don't know about you, but that name brings visions of roses, or at least some type of flower, stretching as far as the eye can see, to my mind.

Sounds beautiful, right?

In reality, it's actually a disc golf course in the middle of town with construction happening all around (be sure to scroll to the end for the porta potty).

Great news if you want to play disc golf!

Just not somewhere you normally see a photographer crouching in the grass like baby Simba, taking portraits of a girl in a dress.

Yes, we got plenty of strange looks. And, yes, we made a valiant effort to stay out of the way of players and frisbees.

A note to our model: Ava, thank you for once again trusting us for all the photos! We are so, so thankful for your willingness to do whatever it takes to make this project a success. This includes, but is not limited to standing next to a porta potty, walking back and forth as many times as it takes and no matter how many people are watching, and sitting on the dirty concrete, grass, rocks, or mud. You are awesome!

Location #1: Simba, is that you? Nope...just Kristen and her camera.

Location #2: Fairy Lake? or yucky run off pond?

Location #3: The regular ole sidewalk.

Location #4: "Stand right here. In between the trash cans and the porta potty."

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