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Extraordinary Beauty in Ordinary Places - Chelsea

Where to begin?!

We had loads of distractions: pavement, construction equipment, tires, debris, traffic cones, buildings, and electrical boxes to name a few.

So, where did we start photos?

In the shadow of one of the work trucks of course!!

From there, we took advantage of the tall grass, and of course, our favorite, THE HILL!!

The end result: the most dreamy photos and only a bug bite or 2 or 21, but who's counting?!

A note to our model: Chelsea, once again, you crushed it! Thank you for braving the unbeaten path and modeling where no one has before. We hope you had so much fun and we hope you love your photos as much as we do!

Location #1: Field of dreams

Location #2: "Hill" always be my favorite

Location #3: Crouching Chelsea, Hidden Kristen

Location #4: By the shade of the truck

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