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Extraordinary Beauty in Ordinary Places - Isabel: the Fairgrounds

Personally, Brandon and I love a good state fair.

Especially portraits at the fair. They are so full of life. Vibrant. You can almost feel how much fun they are having when you look at fair portraits.

But that's not what we did...

For us, there was no fair. Just the grounds.

I don't know if you guys have strolled the fairgrounds when there is no event happening, but it is pretty mundane.

Lots of fences, gates, trash cans, power lines, light poles, and even some tractor trailers. You know, the practical stuff needed for a big public event like the fair.

It makes more sense for that stuff to be there than us!

And yet, we were able to create some magical portraits of this beautiful girl despite the presence of the practical things that were an eyesore.

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