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Extraordinary Beauty in Ordinary Places - Peytynne

Okay, this is a shoot that I have dreamed about for years.



Thanks to Peytynne, we finally made it happen this summer!

Guys...let me present...beautiful portraits in my neighborhood ALLEYWAY.

Beside my trash can, my car, & our electrical boxes.

Peytynne outshined it all.

We also had lots of fun on a sidewalk at a crazy busy intersection and were able to find a nice patch of weeds to hide the giant mud puddle.

To our model: Peytynne, thank you so much for making this ridiculous dream a reality! Thank you for trusting me through all of the random locations even when they did not look promising. You are gorgeous inside and out! Thank you for being the extraordinary beauty in life's ordinary.

Location #1: The Alleyway

Location #2: In the Weeds

Location #3: The Sidewalk

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