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Extraordinary Beauty in Ordinary Places - Virginia

We can think of a lot of places in Montana that could be described as the Wild West. This path is not one of them.

And yet, that is exactly what the name of this path is: Wild West Trail.

Maybe it pays homage to the history of the land before it was a subdivision? Or, maybe it is a sarcastic reference to the chaos of Durston? Either way, this section of the Wild West Trail was perfect for our project.

In case you can't tell from our Behind-the-Scenes photos, we had 360 degree views of the following: a busy road with lots of traffic, rows of power lines, several light poles, a parking lot, multiple buildings, a chain link fence, rows of houses, and a drainage ditch.


Keep scrolling to see for yourself.

To our model: Virginia, you are gorgeous and so talented! We loved working with you and will forever be indebted to you for your willingness to pose next to the chain link fence, the drainage ditch, the parking lot, and all the things. Thank you for trusting us. Thank you for bringing your extraordinary beauty to our little project!

Location #1: The "Forest"

Okay, so it is less of a forest and more of a cluster of twiggy saplings with a busy road and ditch on one side and a subdivision on the other side. Works for us!

Location #2: The Hill

Here we are in the hills of Montana...or not. This hill was the perfect environmental object to hide the other less-than-ideal objects around.

Location #3: Paved Paradise

You can make a bad background work as long as you have good light. The easiest place to start? Frame it out!

Location #4: The Ditch

We shot around this little drainage ditch like it was as epic as the Snake River or Horseshoe Bend and honestly, these might be our favorite set!

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