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Extraordinary Beauty - Khetri

"You know that field behind where the school busses park? Yep, meet me there right by the chain link fence."

The awkwardness of our locations for this project is not lost on me. I would also be skeptical if those were the instructions given to me from a photographer that I have only met online.

And still...

Still you ladies show up and absolutely crush these portrait sessions.

In case you are new to this photo project of mine, I'll break it down:

Because we live in one of the most scenic places in America, there is no shortage of ideal photo locations.

But what if it wasn't the location that makes your photos beautiful?

What if it's the light? What if we found places that looked less than ideal, but had good light? What if we took beautiful portraits there?

And thus, the "Extraordinary Beauty in Ordinary Places" project was born.

Trash cans? Porto potties? Garbage? Construction? Parking lots? The list of eyesores at our locations goes on and on...

We have been blown away by the support of our audience and models!

This project would truly not be possible without you. No matter how great the light.

Thank you times a million to everyone who has supported us with this crazy dream and made it a reality.

We stepped away from it while we were buying a house and moving across the country, but we hope to start back up very soon! Message us for details if you are interested in modeling. No experience required!

A note to our model: Khetri, thank you for going boldy where no model has gone before (that I know of anyway!). You are kind and beautiful and we thouroughly enjoyed every moment spent with you at your shoot! I hope to work with you again sometime. In the meantime, keep that gorgeous creative soul shining.

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