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Extraordinary Beauty - Savvy

"I'm the weirdo on the sidewalk taking pictures."

That was the text that Savvy got from me right before we started our photo session.

Right before we met.

And yet, she still met with me. I will be eternally grateful that she gave me a chance to take her photos at this ordinary location.

I'll let the photos speak for themselves...after all, they are each worth a thousand words, right??

A note to our model: Savvy, thank you so much for trusting me wholeheartedly for this project! I have so much fun meeting you and taking portraits of your beautiful self. From the "grove" to the rocks, and everything in between, you crushed this modeling thing. Thank you for going where no model has gone before (just assuming here) and helping me create these beautiful portraits.

Location #1: The Grove

Location #2: The Drainage Ditch

Location #3: The River Rock Bed

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