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Greenville, SC Senior Session

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

What a privilege it was to work with this senior!

We absolutely love that she had a vision for her senior photos that included some of her family's property.

It's always special when our clients have a personal connection to the location because we are able to give them not only memorable photos of themselves, but also a tangible memory of this place that means so much to them.

We get to record images of the property that they will feel connected to for years to come.

After exploring around the family property, we ventured over to downtown Greenville for some fun and variety.

Greenville is one of the coolest cities to photograph because it has the big city feel while also offering a waterfall and a secluded nature trail.

Plus, everything in between.

It's no wonder why so many people choose to take photos here!

We were able to explore until our light was completely gone and we still only covered a small corner of the city.

A note to our client: Nora (& family!), thank you for allowing us to take these photos for you. It means so much to us that you trusted us with your vision! Thank you for being up for anything and allowing us to take photos for much longer than we planned. We hope that you guys love your photos!

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