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How to Survive (& thrive!) During Your Winter Photo Session

We have all seen those gorgeous wintery photos.

You know, the ones that look like you are in an actual snow globe.

& we all know that snow-globe look doesn't happen when it's warm outside.

So, how do you stay comfortable (or at least not miserable) while outside in the snow globe weather?

After shooting hundreds of photos in the sub-freezing temps, we decided to give away all our secrets for success!

Today we are sharing our top tips for achieving the least amount of chattering teeth and a more comfortable smile in the frigid temps.

*Bonus - scroll to the end to see what we pack in our bag for our winter clients!

Tip #1 - Hand Warmers

Okay, so these little golden nuggets have been around for a while and there is nothing groundbreaking about our suggestion to use them.

However, they are such a game changer that they made the top of the must-have list for winter shoots.

We love them because they are so portable and easy to hide.

Holding a bouquet?

Hand warmer

Holding a kid?

Hand warmer

Have some pockets?

Hand warmer

We also recommend having the toe or foot warmers in your shoes every time.

*Be sure to open the warmers about 30 minutes before your scheduled photo time. This will allow them to heat up by the time you need them.

Tip #2 - Layers - Base &


For the guys, it's pretty straightforward. They simply need to add a warm base layer under their outfit.

We recommend a wool or at least a wool blend for a base layer. We have also found that the Under Armor Base Layer Collection does a fantastic job of keeping us warm!

For us ladies, I recommend wearing a floor-length skirt or dress. This gives you the freedom to wear your warmest leggings and best snow boots for the cold weather, while still looking magical in the winter wonderland.

For the guy's top, think about adding a vest, a sweater, or a blazer for warmth and style.

For the ladies, choose the base layer with the most coverage you can get away with. For example, if you are wearing a top with long, lace sleeves, you could wear a skin-colored, long sleeve base layer underneath it. Then, think about adding a fur vest, a shawl, or a blanket scarf for extra warmth.

Tip #3 - Stay Dry

This is probably the most important recommendation.

Again, it's common sense, but we included it because we have experienced what happens when you don't stay dry. It's game over.

Bring an extra pair of socks and shoes as a backup.

If you are wearing a shoe that is not waterproof, save that to change into right before photos.

Try not to wander into untested areas of snow. Let your photographer do that. Trust us, we have wandered into some near waist-deep snow drifts in search of the perfect place for a photo. You do not want to be us.

Lastly, if you want to have a snowball fight, make snow angels, or do anything involving contact with the snow, save that for last.

Tip #4 - Bring a Blanket

An oversized scarf can add lots of warmth and some fun to your photos!

Alternatively, if you do not want to add a scarf to your photos, we recommend bringing an actual blanket to wrap up in while we are between shots. Looks don't matter.

Our favorites are either a cozy, thick fleece blanket that is not too big or a battery-operated heated blanket.

We have also used blankets in the past, but they are not as effective when they are constantly being taken on and off.

Tip #5 - Foundation

Yes, we are talking about the makeup foundation here.

Kristen's nose turns Rudolph-Red at the slightest chill.

Even if you don't typically wear a lot of makeup, learn from our mistakes and go ahead and add an extra layer of foundation to your nose just in case.

And, we are just going to say it: Ladies, if your man has the red nose gene, it might not be a bad idea to add a layer there too.

We won't ask or tell.

We can't wait to see you in the snow!

We hope this has been a helpful resource for you as you prepare to amaze everyone with your own Winter Wonderland photo session.

Which one is your favorite? Have anything you would like to add?

Share this blog on social media with your answer and be sure to tag us in the post!


As promised, we are sharing the list of items we bring to our winter weather sessions!

  • Tissues

  • Hair spray

  • Hand Warmers

  • Blanket

  • Mittens

  • Socks

  • Umbrella

  • Chapstick

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