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Montana Summer Ranch Engagement

We met Sorrell & Reid on the ranch they manage in Gallatin Gateway, MT and were instantly taken away by all of the gorgeous Montana landscape.

Everywhere we looked, we wanted to take photos.

Fortunately, these two are the most easy going (& hardest working!) ranch couple ever. They were up for exploring the whole property for photos and we shot until the sunlight was gone!

Ranch life has been a huge part of both of their lives separately and together. After all, they did meet on a ranch in Colorado! Now, several years and many adventures later, they manage a ranch together in Montana.

Sorrell & Reid, Thank you for letting us capture these once-in-a-lifetime memories! You two are genuinely kind and are such a power couple. We loved exploring your ranch for your engagement photos and we thoroughly enjoyed every moment we spent with you. We just can't imagine how we got lucky enough to be the ones to take these photos! Thank you!!

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