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MSU Artist Senior Portraits

Our eyes followed her gesture towards the colorful and interactive ampersand sign that was part of a bigger art display hanging on the fence. "I made this", she said.

It was a common theme as we toured through the art building and around the campus at Montana State University.

You could see her eyes light up from the pure joy that creating art gave to her. She was good, too!

We admired each piece that was on display and countless more that she had in the studio. With each compliment she received, she responded with a sincere and humble, "thank you".

With so many seriously cool pieces of art and art details around the studio, we could have kept taking photos forever. Fortunately, Brandon was watching the light outside and kept us on track. "Hey, we are losing light" was our cue to hurry outside for our photos around campus. Still, with so much beauty around us, we did not stop clicking our shutters until beyond sunset and well into dusk.

Chelsea - Thank you for trusting us with these memories. You have worked so hard to be here and we are honored that we were able to help commemorate your achievements with these senior portraits. Your kindness is genuine and your smile is contagious.

Keep creating, Chelsea Kate, the world needs your beautiful light!

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