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Newborn Baby Hayes

Strong. Beautiful. Kind.

Just like his parents.

Baby Hayes' personality is already shining through. He is also sweet and determined. Determined to stay awake for his photos, but so calm and sweet. Just observing. Watching this strange camera lady.

Brandon and I had the privilege of photographing the beautiful wedding of Hannah and Garrett. It was such an honor to be there for the moment that they became husband and wife and earned the title of Mr. and Mrs.

Now, it is an honor to capture some of their earliest moments with their new titles: Mom and Dad.

At just under two weeks old, Little Hayes seemed like he was already ready to ride.

With his Wranglers and belt buckle, he was heels down and ready to go.

My guess is that he will be wearing a hat like dad and roping off a horse in no time.

A note to our clients: Thank you, Hannah and Garrett, for trusting us with these memories. You are both amazing people and now, amazing parents. Your love and care for your sweet little Hayes was so evident. It was such a privilege to witness the bond that he has with both of you. We hope that you will cherish these photos for many years to come! We pray that they will bring you joy when you look back on them as Hayes grows and changes over the years.

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