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Stormy Weather Montana Engagement Session


If we had to sum up Ross and Christine's relationship in one word, it would be just that: authentic.

After spending only a few hours with them and their two sweet girls, the realness in their family was undeniable.

It was the way he made her laugh. It was how they anticipated each other's thoughts and were on the same page without even using words. They had not been in front of the camera in a while and may have felt uncomfortable, but we couldn't tell. Their excitement together was contagious.

As photographers, we couldn't ask for anything better. We are so thankful for the opportunity to turn priceless memories into something tangible for couples to have for the rest of their lives.

Ross and Christine: Thank you for allowing us to capture these memories. Thank you for trusting us through all of our posing directions and cues, in spite of how crazy they seemed. Thank you for bringing lots of laughs to the evening, and even adding plenty of new posing ideas to our collection. (We can't wait to unveil the new "backwards V"!) We loved spending time with your family so much. It seriously felt like we had been reunited with our long lost best friends. You guys are already a dream team of a duo and we cannot wait to celebrate with you at your wedding!

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