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The Golden Girl Abby

*trigger warning: loss of pet

Dear Abby,

You were and always will be a golden girl.

Inside & out.

Your mission was to love people and be loved by people. Mostly through being fed treats, but hey, I get it. Food is my love language too.

You were there for your humans through the ups and downs of life, never judging.

You only had 1 day short of 5 years here on earth, but you made each one count.

Even though you missed meeting your first tiny human by only a few weeks, you hung in there and gave us a chance to take photos of you with all 3 of them before she was born.

You deserved every treat we bribed you with for these photos and many more.


a dog loving photographer who is thankful for every single day with my own golden boy

Davis & Eileen, a million thank you's for letting me take these photos for you. It was truly an honor to be able to document these memories and provide something tangible for you to have for the rest of forever.

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